I desire to pursue a career in Graphic Design because it is a bold interdisciplinary field that integrates and subsequently condenses all aspects of design and because it is a medium that compels critics to question and appreciate modern innovations that disrupt typical stylizing, spacial and functional practices. And much like the field itself, I have weaved a portfolio of experiences and skills that spans the spectrum of design.

I am a recent graduate from the New England School of Art & Design where I received my Master of Arts in Graphic Design and I graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2014 while completing my Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with a double minor in Studio Art (with a concentration in Imaging) and Media & Society. As a student of art, craft, photography, architecture, and design, I have honed my interests and passion for graphic design.

Overall, my background and design has inspired me to think freely and not only design for myself but also for others with a cause in mind. Within rigorous boundaries and conceptual guidelines, I am able to bring a piece of myself into my work and still collaborate with outside forces to produce a socially significant composition. It is with these experiences, in and out of the studio, that I have developed a foundation in which to excel and be the designer I strive to be.