Pantone 15-2974 Ordinary


This advertisement series promotes architecture as integration through the color purple. Purple is already an integration of the colors red and blue while providing many meanings. It can symbolize nobility, luxury, bravery, spirituality, creativity, and is also associated with supernatural energies. Most importantly, the color purple is the hardest color for the human eye to see because it is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy.  

With that being said, I took three captivating photos of architecture being synthesized with nature and used the quote, “Architecture is an expression of values” by architect, Norman Foster. The initial campaign within the series features a Pantone Swatch Card in a shade of purple- Amethyst Orchid. In this particular shade of purple the image beneath can be viewed to suggest how an architect would perceive his surroundings. The following campaigns use the other photos of integrated architecture, however, they are saturated in the Amethyst Orchid shade of purple. This is to accentuate the difference between how the general public and architects see the world. Therefore, the quote is manipulated to, “Architecture is an expression of purple”; the word ‘values’ within the initial quote is to be used as a play on words for the series. Additionally, the Pantone Swatch Card is changed to the color “Ordinary” and shows the image in its original entirety.