Rebranding the identity for the restaurant at the Boston Public Library.

Within libraries, people are sharing information, conversations, articles, notes, and more. This idea of sharing was crucial to carry over as an over arching theme for the new restaurant, Pantry, inside of the Boston Public Library, would act as a breath of fresh air from the library and bring people together through the act of fondue and raclette. The name was developed from the idea of going into one’s pantry and picking the items you would like to share, cook, and eat; much like the process of fondue and raclette.

Majority of the time, we would rather be somewhere else than in a library, and for some that is home. This restaurant will encompass this, due to its soft and natural color palettes, dim lighting, picnic style seating, intimate atmosphere, and overall simplicity. When no place feels like home, Pantry will be the only restaurant worth sharing.